July 15, 2017 Philip

Day 6 FCG My EPIC Week – Meet Charmaine Garrick

Charmaine is also new to EPIC Challenges – thanks for joining us, Charmaine! You’ve shown great determination to go ahead despite a nasty ear infection. Thanks for your perseverance and we hope you enjoy your week.

Can you tell us a little about you?

I’m 38 years old and have been married to Pierre for nine years, and have two wonderful boys, Flynn, 8, and Noah who is 5. I work for the Guernsey Border Agency, where I’ve been for 17 years. If I find any spare time I enjoy ballroom dancing, surfing and baking…. and have rediscovered my love of swimming!

What is your challenge and why have you chosen it?

I’ve chosen the 1000m x 7 swimming challenge. I chose this one as I enjoy swimming more than running or cycling! I used to swim a lot when I was at school (quite some time ago!), but aside from the odd Swimarathon, I haven’t done any distance swimming since leaving school.

What training have you been doing?

Unfortunately my training was stopped before it even started as I had an ear infection in both ears and strict instructions not to get them wet for as long as possible!…. However, it’s now cleared and with earplugs in place I’ve managed to get in about eight training swims. I’ve had company from my sister and husband on some of the swims and each one has been different in conditions and distance.

What inspired you to take part in the FCG My EPIC Week?

I’d love to say there was one thing that inspired me to take part, but the truth is I just fancied having a go to see if I could do it! However, since signing up and reading about the work of the two beneficiaries, This is EPIC and Guernsey Mind, and seeing what Philip and Warren are putting themselves through this week to raise money, I have been inspired to keep pushing myself in my training swims to make sure I’ve done the best I can to try and complete the challenge that I’ve signed up for.

Have you taken part in any previous EPIC Challenges?