July 14, 2017 Philip

Day 5 FCG My Epic Week – Jon Press

Jon is a great supporter of ours and he’s taking on a pretty EPIC Challenge this week – the same as our first ever event, 7 Marathons in 7 Days! Best of luck, Jon.

Can you tell us a little about you?

I’m Jon, I’ve been running for about 10 years. I’ve completed 29 marathons and 8 ultras but this will be my first attempt at a structured multi day challenge.

What is your challenge and why have you chosen it?

7 marathons in 7 days. I want to step up to multi-day events off-island so this is a chance to test kit, nutrition and everything else which can crop up while having home comforts as well.

What training have you been doing?

Not as much as I should!

What inspired you to take part in the FCG My EPIC Week?

I love the ethos of This is EPIC, a hand up not a hand out, and what Philip and Warren are attempting is so amazing that being able to get involved in some fashion with this community event is great.

Have you taken part in any previous EPIC Challenges?

Two Moonlight Marathons and the EPIC 12 overnight ultra as a solo runner.