Planning for the “What Ifs”

Planning for the “what ifs” is essential when planning events and extreme challenges.
Thinking through the worst case scenarios and how to deal with them can be the difference between a success or massive failure.
Over the course of putting on events we have been really lucky to have the support of Delta Training and Consultancy looking after our medical needs and of those taking part in events.
Delta are a very experienced company, Dawn Bagnall who set it up seems to have every qualification you could need. She spent twenty two years in the Military and worked as front-line Emergency Medical Technician for two years with Guernsey’s Ambulance and Rescue Services.
Delta offer a wide range of courses to individuals, sports groups, and businesses to ensure everyone is equipped to deal with a medical problem properly if something goes wrong. Take a look at how they can help you on their courses page.
‘When they leave at the end of the day I want them to feel confident that they can implement their new skills without hesitation.’
Dawn Bagnall, Founder Delta Training and Consultancy.
Organising and taking on extreme events we have seen our fair share of medical issues both self inflicted and injuries others have picked up taking part in challenges. We fully embrace the need to keep safety at the heart of everything we do and we know its ok pushing the body but it needs to be done responsibly and with personal safety and the safety of others in mind.
“We always know that when Delta are involved we don’t need to worry. If and when there is an incident they are so experienced they know exactly what to do. They also work with us in advance of any events, on areas such as risk profiling the event and helping us manage and mitigate all the risks identified”. Philip Smith, Co-Founder EPIC Challenges

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