Going balls out to change lives

One thing that we want to do with our running is keep it fun. It’s easy to get bogged down with personal bests and checking the pace on expensive GPS watches. But at the heart of it running should be enjoyable, make us feel alive and leave us feeling better than before we started.

Earlier this year we came up with an idea to do a run wearing Y-fronts! To put it all out there to help others – we thought it sounded perfect! But as always we wanted to partner with another charity as well as This Is EPIC. There was no better choice than MUG, who are always up for eye-catching, ballsy, different ways of raising awareness of male cancers and raising money. The MUG team loved the idea so here we are about to make it a reality.

Please don’t let it be just Warren and Philip and Trevor Kelham running in Y-fronts. On June 26th we want every male who is capable of running, walking or just moving to meet at Pembroke and flood the island in a sea of pants.

Wear them how you like: pure (just Y-fronts, a bit risqué), superhero, or get creative. Everyone signing up will be supplied with a special pair of Ys so there’s no excuses.

This is meant to be fun so don’t be shy. Starting at Pembroke, the route will snake its way round the coast around Bordeaux and into town, finishing in the High Street where those taking part can relax and let it all hang out!

The event will have a positive impact on lives and this is why you should enter.

For all of us involved in EPIC Challenges there is no point in doing something that doesn’t have a purpose, this event may save a life or change someone’s life forever. Here are a few other reasons:

  • Everyone taking part will be more informed about male cancers, which could save lives;

  • Exercise is good for us and keeps us healthy;

  • You will smile and laugh which is good for our brain and wellbeing;

  • You will help get people out of extreme poverty. 

If ever there was a time to wear your pants with pride (whilst sober) the time is now.

Signing up will take just a couple of minutes…


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