Top 10 Lessons Learnt From 8 Hours on a Treadmill

On Saturday 11th July, Philip and Warren spent 8 hours running on a treadmill inside the Intersport Guernsey store. The guys ran a combined distance of 76 miles, in this post Philip and Warren share the top 10 lessons learnt from their longest training run yet.


1. Nutrition – Eating and drinking at the right times is going to be critical. On Saturday this went well and we got the approach right over the 8 hours, this was very much down to the advice from Nutritionist Claire Mahy. However, what will be hard is to maintain discipline over the 48 hours when our minds are failing, it will be very easy to forget to eat and head into a downward spiral fast.

2. Time – 48 hours is a crazy amount of time to do anything, how did I get into this!

3. The Dark Moments – The nighttime is going to be really hard, when it gets cold, dark and quiet, those are when the hardest times will arrive during the challenge.

4. Run-Walk Strategy – I will probably walk more than I expect to, but walking fast felt harder than than running slow on the treadmill. I have a strategy, but after 6 hours this fell apart a bit, I need to keep the discipline if I’m going to survive the 48 hours.

5. Enjoy It – We must try and relax and enjoy it, the time will go quicker.


1. Treadmills – I don’t train on treadmills, I always train on the road or cliffs, I don’t like running on treadmills. This will bring it’s challenges during the 48 hours!

2. Hydration – In the 8 hours on a treadmill I drank over 5 litres of water / coconut water. Staying hydrated, with the right liquids, is going to be key during the EPIC 48 challenge.

3. A change of socks – I changed my socks after 4 hours, this was heaven. It might not sound nice but after 4 hours running my socks felt like wet flannels!

4. Nutrition – Thankfully I got the nutrition right during the 8 hour training run. Nutribullets have transformed my approach to nutrition and will be key in the EPIC 48 challenge.

5. Smile – Despite tough moments during the 8 hours (including forgetting that I had set the treadmill on an incline for 1.5 hours!) enjoying it and chatting to the amazing people that had taken time out of their day to come and see us helped the difficult times and made time pass pretty quickly.

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