Guernsey's first ever 12 hour endurance running event

"What an event"

The first ever EPIC12 event took place in Guernsey on the 10th and 11th September. Vale Castle was transformed into the Race HQ for what was an amazing experience for all participants.

Starting at 7pm the runners, a mix of solo runners, pairs and teams, took on a 10km loop from Vale Castle to St Peter Port. The aim was to run as many laps as possible. Rather than us tell you how good the event was here’s some feedback from a few of the participants:


  • WHAT. AN. EVENT. I am genuinely proud to say myself and chris took part in the epic 12 challenge, I think personally it has given me an experience that I wouldn’t find elsewhere and I have met some brilliant people and athletes in the process too. The morale of the runners all through the night was inspiring and the support and encouragement from Warren and Phil definitely helped me in the early hours when we reached a checkpoint and felt like stopping but having the words “awesome stuff guys keep it up, you’re doing great” was enough to see us through another lap and reach the 70km mark. Worth the pain? Hell yeah, let’s do it again next year. The people were EPIC, The challenge was EPIC, That was EPIC.

  • As I looked listlessly at my Camelbak, asking if it wanted another go, I glanced the posters around the tent. There was one especially, a simple line on the ‘wall’ next to the tent door: “Never give up”. Guess that’s it then. I’m in it for the 12 after all.

  • What a journey running takes us on and I am sure many other people travelled their own journeys that night, all between the Vale Castle and Town! Thanks so much to EPIC Philip Smith and Warren Mauger for organising it and hopefully it can happen again, maybe with an EPIC24 option?!

  • So, sat reflecting after last nights events. So mentally and physically tough. But what a well organized event, get behind these guys and help it grow!! Team winners for 2016!!

  • Although I’m feeling the pain right now, 12 hours of just pure awesomeness. I have never physically pushed myself so hard, chuck in tiredness and the mental fatigue it was certainly EPIC. Thanks to everyone who supported either monetary or morally, thanks to the drunks offering water on the front at 1.30am, thanks to my team mates (we finished 2nd after completing 140km) but massive thanks to Philip Smith and Warren for creating an opportunity for me to support those less fortunate.

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