May 5, 2017 Philip

Our EPIC challenge of 7 Ironmans in 7 days

This summer we are taking on our biggest endurance challenge to date. We will be attempting 7 Ironman Distance Triathlons in 7 days as part of The FCG EPIC Week. We are using the word ‘attempting’ as this challenge is filling us with fear. Our previous challenges have been tough, there is no doubt about that, but with running we have found that with purpose fuelling us we have found a way of breaking through the dark times and pushing on to complete our challenges. This challenge brings in two completely new disciplines, one of which we could hardly do in 2015, which was swimming. This all came from a Smith / Mauger holiday in 2015 when we were banned from taking our running kit on holiday…so we started swimming and by the end of the holiday we had decided on our next endurance challenge.

There is much that can go wrong with this challenge, the main one being the body simply giving up due to exhaustion from the amount of time we will take to complete each Ironman distance triathlon. Each day the Ironman could take anything from 15 to 20 hours to complete. Each evening we will need to spend time getting massages, ice baths, re-fuelling with approx 7,000 calories and then trying to get some sleep before going again the next day.

An Ironman Triathlon consists of 2.4 mile swim, which (weather permitting) will be in Havelet Bay, a 112 mile bike ride, which will see us cycle up and down the the west coast, and to finish, a 26.2 mile marathon run which will cover four laps from Havelet to Vale Castle. We will repeat this route every day for 7 days, totalling a massive 984.2 miles for the whole week.

We will take on this challenge on Monday 10 to Sunday 16 July 2017 during which the local community will be taking part in their own challenges for The FCG EPIC Week. We are hoping to raise £7,777 towards the final fundraising figure of the The FCG EPIC Week. All money raised will be going directly to Guernsey Mind and This Is EPIC Projects.

Over the past 15 months we have clocked up over 2,000 hours of training. Swimming over 600km, cycled more than 14,000km and run over 6,000km combined. We have got to be honest, there have been many times were we have felt broken and that we have bitten off more than we can chew. Fitting in around 15-20hrs a week or training alongside family and running our own businesses has pushed us to the brink mentally and physically. But, we are so focused on completing this challenge, some would say obsessed. We are now 9 weeks out from the event and our training is at its peak in terms of effort and time. Most days start at around 5:30am and we regularly incorporate two training sessions into each day. On Liberation Day if you head to Market Square you will see us on our Turbo Trainers and you can find out more about our challenge and also sign-up to The FCG EPIC Week and take on your own challenge.

We continue to use these events as a vehicle to raise money for local charities and causes, this challenge is no different, We are raising money as part of The FCG EPIC Week for Guernsey Mind and to change people’s lives through This Is EPIC which works with projects in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. We’ve also learnt that by taking part in big challenges, it hopefully inspires and gives confidence to the Guernsey community to take on their own challenges and push themselves no matter the distance or challenge.

Yet again we have an amazing team around us, led by our wives. This would not happen without their support and encouragement. The team at Tri-Fitness have been invaluable with their coaching and training advice, Ian Browns Cycle Shop have supported us with advice on the bikes to buy and are providing mechanical support during the week and Huub Design, the UK’s leading Triathlon kit manufacturer is supporting us with wetsuits, cycling kit and running kit for the week.

It all comes back to purpose. We’re putting out bodies and minds in some very dangerous places to help others. We have seen so many lives change from previous challenges and we want to see that happen again with this challenge. Your donations and support are so appreciated and will keep us going through the dark times of our challenge, of which we are sure there will be many. Thank you and #NeverGiveUp 


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