May 20, 2015 Philip

Why the hell am I running for 48 hours?

Good question, after running seven marathons in seven days last year I hadn’t really planned for there to be something else. Something that week moved me though (more than my feet).

The simplest answer to the question is to raise money and awareness for our chosen charities. Something clicked with me a year or so ago, I feel driven to do something positive and this is my small way of doing that. I want to leave some sort of positive footprint by helping others who may then go on to help people themselves, creating some sort of momentum. I don’t want to wait till I have a terminal illness or some tragedy before I start doing something to help others. At the moment I have my health and my brain so I plan to make the most of them with my limited resources.

Through the process of training and leading up to the 7 in 7 it became clearer than ever that this wasn’t at all about running, in fact running was secondary to the fact that every step is helping someone, changing a life. That can be difficult to understand but it’s true. Last year the money and awareness raised meant we changed the lives of thousands of people in Guernsey and Africa; that’s a humbling thought, but it also shows the power of taking on a hard challenge with a clear purpose.

So when the dust settled Philip and I asked ourselves what we could do that felt impossible. We considered running for 24 hours, but we felt that we knew we could achieve this with a decent level of training, hard as it would be! Then we both came to the same conclusion: 48 hours!! This made us feel a bit sick (and still does). It’s a challenge neither of us felt we could do! It’s a challenge with a high chance of failure!

We really are scared by this challenge (well I am), but we also want to show that the human spirit is so much stronger than we think. Having set the challenge we committed to the training months ago (we never really stopped after last year) and in the months to come this is going to become considerably harder with many hours dedicated to it each day, along with running our businesses and being loving, hands-on (and not tired or grumpy) parents and husbands.

So the reason I am doing something so stupid, that scares me to my core, is to raise money – a lot of money – that will achieve the following:

  1. Through the Sunflower Project support children and families who have experienced bereavement or are living with someone they love having a serious illness.  The project has supported over 100 families since launching last year and the support has been invaluable.

  2. Help people who are some of the poorest in the world in Africa through Village Savings and loans projects run by This is EPIC. The aim is to impact over 7,000 people through implementing new Village Savings and Loans groups.

  3. Fund many projects (run by the NSPCC), which aim to either prevent abuses happening or to help those who have already been abused.

  4. Help children with serious and life-limiting illnesses to have a special wish realised for them. It may be to go to their favourite football club to meet the players, or to fly off to Disneyland to meet Mickey Mouse and swim with dolphins. Whatever, it is a special treat that lights up one young person’s difficult life, at least for one day.

If you would like to support us here are a couple of really simple ways of doing it.


Donate with JustGiving

2. Like.

3. Follow.

4. Cheer, Toot, Wave (when you see us training in our orange tops)

We’ll be sharing more about our training and the event in coming days, weeks and months. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our challenge.

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