Day 3: FCG My Epic Week Team

Resolution IT

We are really grateful to ResolutionIT for putting a team together for the FCC EPIC Challenges Week, with the impressive goal of completing at least 10 Olympic Triathlons. Thank you and congratulations on your 10th anniversary!

Completing 10 Olympic Triathlons is no mean feat, especially when you have to fit it in around the day job. Shaun Lane from ResolutionIT tells us more about the team’s fantastic effort.

How did Resolution IT’s employees react to the suggestion that you get involved with My EPIC Week?

They were apprehensive initially, but also excited. There was an air of confidence about fitness levels but when we wrote down what we’d have to do we realised it wasn’t going to be easy and we’d better get out and do some training!

What is your challenge and why have you chosen it? 

Ten of us are taking part, all doing different distances due to different fitness levels and other commitments. The target is a minimum of 10 Olympic Triathlons. Ideally we’d like to achieve nearer to 20 but we’ll be content with 10. People are doing different activities each day and then recording the distances.

We have to schedule it around work: going out for early runs and cycle rides, swimming at lunchtime and going out late in the evening. I’m not a morning person myself but some of them are getting up at stupid o’clock to do a run – it’s really quite impressive!

What inspired ResolutionIT to take part in the FCG My EPIC Week?

It’s our company’s 10th anniversary so we’re doing 10 challenges throughout the year to raise money. This Is EPIC was one of the charities we had chosen, as we’re big supporters of This Is EPIC and of Warren and Phil themselves, having worked with them over the years. This week coinciding with our anniversary has made it a company challenge as well as helping the charities.

How is it going so far?

After Day One it’s looking like we’ll go way above our original target of 10 Olympic Triathlons so it’s going really well. As a team we achieved about double what we’d aimed to do in a day so we’re hoping we can continue like this. There’s a buzz around the office and everyone is excited to get out and do their bit.

Day two of our FCG My EPIC Week. Meet our Mark Smith!

This is Mark’s first EPIC Challenge and it’s a big one! Philip and Warren will still be sleeping when you start your cycling each day, so you definitely deserve a high five for that! Welcome to the fold and good luck, Mark.Mark Smith Day 2

Can you tell us a little about you?

I’m a 45-year-old father of twin girls, married and a self-employed Customer Service Consultant from Guernsey. I’m a keen cyclist and a member of the Guernsey Velo Club. I’ve been cycling competitively for about 13 years but recreationally all my life.

What is your challenge and why have you chosen it?

I’m going to be doing 100 miles on the bike every day. I first heard about the EPIC Challenge from Warren and, having done several endurance events previously, it piqued my interest. I knew, however, that to make it challenging I would have to do a long ride every day.

What training have you been doing?

My normal training for the racing season started in January so aside from a few longish rides and a 100-mile time trial in June I haven’t done any specific training, which is probably why I feel a bit underprepared.

What inspired you to take part in the FCG My EPIC Week?

Being self-employed I didn’t think I could fit it into my schedule, so decided I’d do it next time it came up. I was then at a conference where one of the speakers talked about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone; this talk really resonated with me and I decided that if my schedule doesn’t give me time then I will make time. I’m planning on starting my rides at 3am, so I can then fit in a full day of work too.

Unique Sponsorship Opportunities

We know that the title of this blog may sound a little cliche, but we genuinley do have some amazing and unique sponsorship opportunities linked to our EPIC48 World Record Challenge.
On Friday 4th, Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th September, Market Square in Guernsey is going to be transformed into a ‘World Record Fest’ as local lads (who love a challenge) Philip Smith and Warren Mauger will be attempting to break the INDIVIDUAL world record for the furthest distance run n a treadmill in 48 hours. They guys will be joined by the awesome Robert Young, Abi Schofield and Adam Holland from the UK who will also be going for the world record. The world record currently sits at 251.79 miles, yes, that means that EACH runner will be aiming to run just under 10 marathons in one weekend.
But…the purpose is not the world record, the purpose is to help change lives by raising £100,000 for charity and to also inspire people along the way that we are all more capable, both mentally and physically, than we think we are.
The event is going to be a once in a lifetime event in Guernsey, a unique world record attempt, aiming for a huge fundraising total and taking over a wonderful town centre location for a weekend.
We have two amazing sponsorship opportunities for businesses, they are outlined below:

1. Treadmill Sponsorship

Gym Fitness in the UK are providing us with high-quality treadmills for the world record weekend. They need to be the right specification to operate without issue for 48 hours. The treadmills usually retail at over £3,000 each, Gym Fitness are providing them to the event at cost price, which is £2,000. We are looking for sponsorship for each treadmill from businesses. The sponsorship cost is £2,000, this will provide the business or organisation with front-line brand awareness through the event. The treadmills will be ‘centre-stage’ and each sponsored treadmill will have the sponsors branding on the front of the treadmill, in full view of everyone, it will be in very picture and television coverage. If you are interested in sponsoring a critical aspect of the world record weekend please contact Philip at or Warren at

2. Donation Envelope Sponsorship

Guernsey Post have kindly offered to post a ‘freepost donation envelope’ to every single house in Guernsey a week before the event. This will provide every household in Guernsey with the opportunity to donate to the EPIC48 World Record Challenge. We will be printing 31,000 envelopes and we are looking for a partner to sponsor the printing of the donation envelopes. The cost of the sponsorship for the donation envelopes is £1,750, in return the sponsor will be able to have their logo and company information on every single envelope, which will end up in every single house in Guernsey. This is a unique brand awareness opportunity for a Guernsey business. If you are interested in partnering with us on this unique sponsorship opportunity please contact Philip at or Warren at
We have already been overwhelmed by the support we have received from businesses and organisations. We want to change as many lives as possible through the EPIC48 world record challenge and support of the two sponsorship opportunities above will play a huge part in the team making it a life changing event for thousands of people.

Get in touch with us!