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EPIC7 Training

Here are Philip and Warrens’ EPIC7 training in numbers. These are totals since training started over 12 months ago, they are updated on a weekly basis.


Metres Swam 


Miles Cycled 


Miles Run 


Calories Burnt 


Training Hours 


Times we have quit 


The Why

For us, the why is simple, but the journey to discover the why has not been simple.

First of all, it is not about running, swimming or cycling. It is about us using challenges as a vehicle to help change as many lives as possible.

We have realised that when you combine purpose and challenge yourself to be the best you, the outcome is often a positive change in your life and positive change in the lives of others.

We have core objectives at EPIC Challenges, everything we do must:

Inspire individuals

Engage and inspire the community

Engage with Education and young people

Raise awareness of charities

Raise money for charities


The Impact

Over £80,000 raised over for charity since 2014

Since starting out on our journey, which was never planned, we have always aimed to have a positive impact in everything we do.

We have listed below some of the projects that have benefited from funds raised through EPIC Challenges events, but what it doesn’t show is the more intangible side of the impact, where people have started to push themselves in their own ways as a result of involvement in our events or children who believe they can achieve their own dreams because they met someone who inspired them at our events.

In 2014 we raised more than £20,000 for two Charities, The Hub and This is EPIC when we ran 7 Marathons in 7 days.

The money from the 7 Marathons in 7 Days challenge in 2014 was critical to The HUB being able to continue to support young people in Guernsey and launch two new services, iHUB, providing online safety lessons in schools and Speak Out, supporting young people with their sexuality and gender identity.Each week The HUB support young people who are being bullied, self harm, have lost someone they love and each year it gets harder to fundraise to support these vulnerable young people in Guernsey.

This Is EPIC were able to start new Village Savings and Loans projects in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The money is rapidly working to impact 6,000 people in a positive way. An example of how it impacts people is Rose Nambatya. Rose is a 30 year old Ugandan lady who has four sons. Rose joined one of the This Is EPIC Village Savings and Loans projects in 2015. As a result of being on the project Rose has been able to send her two eldest sons to school. Rose was asked about the impact of joining the project and the future “My focus is on my children’s future wellbeing and education, life will definitely get better with this project”

In 2015, our EPIC48 World Record event, where we spent 48 hours running on treadmills, supported This Is EPIC and The HUB as well as the work of fellow runner Robert Young. Robert champions support for young people after having a difficult background himself where he suffered physical abuse during his childhood.

The HUB used the funds to support The Sunflower Project which helps children and families who have experienced bereavement or are living with someone they love having a serious illness.

The funds raised for This Is EPIC went directly towards expanding the projects in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The target is to impact over 7,000 people through implementing new Village Savings and Loans groups. Due to the positive impact of being a group member the demand in both the DRC and Uganda is so high that communities which are currently beyond our reach are asking us to work with their communities, which means the money being raised is vital to changing lives.

Alongside our challenges we have now developed, and continue to develop, a calendar of inclusive events such as a moonlight marathon (which includes shorter distances) and a community fun run, which included children as young as four, to raise money for two boys who need support for life changing medical treatment.

At the heart of all of the above remains our core purpose to help improve other people’s lives. 


The Events


EPIC12 – 2016

The first ever EPIC12 event took place in Guernsey on the 10th and 11th September. Vale Castle was transformed into the Race HQ for what was an amazing experience for all participants.

Starting at 7pm the runners, a mix of solo runners, pairs and teams, took on a 10km loop from Vale Castle to St Peter Port. The aim was to run as many laps as possible. Rather than us tell you how good the event was here’s some feedback from a few of the participants:

“WHAT. AN. EVENT. I am genuinely proud to say myself and chris took part in the epic 12 challenge, I think personally it has given me an experience that I wouldn’t find elsewhere and I have met some brilliant people and athletes in the process too. The morale of the runners all through the night was inspiring and the support and encouragement from Warren and Phil definitely helped me in the early hours when we reached a checkpoint and felt like stopping but having the words “awesome stuff guys keep it up, you’re doing great” was enough to see us through another lap and reach the 70km mark. Worth the pain? Hell yeah, let’s do it again next year…The people were EPIC, The challenge was EPIC, That was EPIC.” 

“As I looked listlessly at my Camelbak, asking if it wanted another go, I glanced the posters around the tent. There was one especially, a simple line on the ‘wall’ next to the tent door: “Never give up”. Guess that’s it then. I’m in it for the 12 after all.”

 “What a journey running takes us on and I am sure many other people travelled their own journeys that night, all between the Vale Castle and Town! Thanks so much to EPIC Philip Smith and Warren Mauger for organising it and hopefully it can happen again, maybe with an EPIC24 option?!” 

 “So, sat reflecting after last nights events. So mentally and physically tough. But what a well organized event, get behind these guys and help it grow!! Team winners for 2016!! #epic12  #runtilldawn I can’t walk but 100% worth it. What a team!!  🏆” 

 “Although I’m feeling the pain right now, 12 hours of just pure awesomeness. I have never physically pushed myself so hard, chuck in tiredness and the mental fatigue it was certainly EPIC. Thanks to everyone who supported either monetary or morally, thanks to the drunks offering water on the front at 1.30am, thanks to my team mates (we finished 2nd after completing 140km) but massive thanks to Philip Smith and Warren for creating an opportunity for me to support those less fortunate. #runtilldawn #nevergiveup #iamepic” 


EPIC Y-Front Run (2016)

On Sunday 26th June 2016 over 150 people put it all out there to say pants to poverty and cancer. 

It was quite a sight, on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning in Guernsey, to have people proudly wearing their y-fronts taking on a 10km route from the beautiful Pembroke Bay, along the east coast and finishing in St Peter Port.

The event raised over £4,000 for charity, with the funds raised being split 50/50 with This Is EPIC and MUG.

This Is EPIC helps people overcome poverty in a sustainable way through Village Savings and Loans groups. Each group, of around 30 people, meet weekly to save and loan money in an accountable environment with group members focussing on starting sustainable income generating activities which have a positive impact on individuals, familes and whole communities. The projects focus on providing a help up rather than a handout and since starting in 2014 the charity has had a positive impact on over 6,000 people.

MUG was set up in order to help Guernsey to focus on creating awareness of male cancers and to motivate men, whatever their age, to be more assertive, responsive and questioning of their symptoms or concerns. They should seek medical advice at the earliest possible juncture instead of procrastinating – which can have deadly consequences.

The atmosphere was fantastic, everyone got into the spirit of the event and as desired, we attracted all ages and all running abilities.

Event feedback:

“Very well organised and great spirit amongst everyone involved :-)”

“Keep at it! It was my first 10k and a great experience!”

 “A great event, well organised and a nice route. Will certainly take part in more if you organise them.” 

“Well done, our first time in Guernsey. Our friends suggested that I take part in the event. A great way to see the Island and take back to the West Midlands some very happy memories plus a PB. Thank you, MUG and EPIC.” 

“This was the first organised event I’ve taken part in since I started running only 2 months ago. Really enjoyed it, I’m so glad I took part – earned myself a PB, helped motivate me to continue running, but more importantly raised money for important and worthwhile causes. Well done to all involved in organising and all those who took part!” 


EPIC Moonlight Marathon (2015)

Inspired by the community response to the 2014 Night Time Marathon, it was inevitable that we would organise a second event, this time re-named as the “EPIC Moonlight Marathon”.

The 2015 event sold out within 3 weeks, we had a total of 80 spaces available to runners, with the spaces covering Marathon, Half-marathon, 10km and 5km distances.

The formula for the event is simple, start the marathon distance at 2am in St Peter Port and collect Half-marathon, 10km and 5km runners as you run the course, which covers the main coastal areas of Guernsey. This year we started and finished in Market Square, with support from our sponsors we were able to provide all runners with an Intersport Goodie Bag and Sueco provided a warm cup of Mulled Wine at the finish.

At the end of the Marathon around 50 of us enjoyed a pre-ordered hot breakfast at Le Petit Bistro, which was the perfect finish to a night’s exercise.12342750_813534495422608_6313202217462079655_n

Over £800 was raised from this year’s Moonlight Marathon, which went towards This Is EPIC projects in Uganda.


EPIC48 (2015)

691.76 miles



That was the combined mileage run on treadmills by Philip Smith, Warren Mauger, Abi Schofield, Robert Young and Adam Holland on the 4th, 5th and 6th September 2015.

Philip, Warren, Abi, Robert and Adam went through hell in September 2015 so others don’t have to. The challenge was to run for 48 hours, aiming to break Great British and World Records as the challenge went on. This was an individual challenge on a huge scale, pushing bodies and minds to the limit and probably even further than they had ever been pushed before.

It was a life changing weekend for so many people and a number of British and World Treadmills Records were broken across the 48 hours. The support from the Guernsey community was, yet again, mind blowing and inspired each runner to push even harder and run further.

The money raised across the weekend was split across four brilliant charities.

This Is EPIC – Working to end poverty for individuals and communities in a sustainable way.

The HUB – Providing a safe place for young people in Guernsey to get advice & support.

NSPCC – Helping children who’ve been abused to rebuild their lives.

Dreams Come True – On a mission to bring joy to seriously ill children and young people.

Details of the distances and records are below.

Philip Smith: 131 miles
Warren Mauger: 118 miles
Robert Young: 147 miles
Abi Schofield: 111.9 miles
Adam Holland: 183.86 miles

World Records Broken

  • Adam Holland broke the world record for the men’s half marathon by 22 seconds in 1 hour, 10 minutes and 20 seconds.
  • Abi Schofield broke the world record for the women’s marathon on a treadmill in 4 hours 6 minutes 2 seconds.
  • Adam Holland broke the World Record for 50 miles, running it in 5 hours 51 minutes and 41 seconds. (beat the current WR by 5mins 50 secs)
  • Adam Holland broke the 6 hour World Record (distance to be confirmed)

British Records Broken

  • Adam Holland and Robert Young broke the British Record for 12 hours by running 79.06 miles (current record 65.4)
  • Abi Schofield broke the woman’s British Record for the Half-marathon on a treadmill by 9 seconds, running it in 1 hour 33 minutes and 52 seconds.
  • Adam Holland broke the GB record for 48 hours on a treadmill by 1.86 miles, now at 183.86 miles.
  • Abi Schofield broke the woman’s GB treadmill 24 hour record by running over 77 miles.

Other Highlights

  • 4 of the top 6 in GB treadmill distances in 48 hours now include 4 of the EPIC48 runners, Adam in 1st, Robert in 4th, Philip in 5th and Warren in 6th.
  • Adam’s 12 hour distance puts him 10th in the world overall for 12 hours on a treadmill
  • Adam’s 48 hour distance puts him 8th in the world overall for 48 hours on a treadmill
  • Roberts 48 hour distance puts him 12th in the world overall for 48 hours on a treadmill
  • Philips 48 hour distance puts him 15th in the world overall for 48 hours on a treadmill
  • Warrens 48 hour distance puts him 16th in the world overall for 48 hours on a treadmill
  • Abi’s 48 hour distance puts her 5th in the world overall for 48 hours on a treadmill
  • Abi’s 48 hour distance puts her 3rd in Great Britain overall for 48 hours on a treadmill
 Please note that all records are currently going through the validation process

Kings Mills Jogging Club Fun Run (2015)

This event came to life in a rather peculiar way. In November 2015 a rather strange letter was printed in the Guernsey Press (Guernsey’s local paper). The letter complained about people running in the beautiful area of Kings Mills in Guernsey and advised ‘joggers’ to explore other parts of the island and to avoid Kings Mills.

Within hours a ‘tongue in cheek’ facebook group called “Kings Mills Jogging Club” was set up (by Dan Yabsley) and quickly reached over 900 members.

We worked with a couple of key volunteers to harness the public interest and put on an event, a positive response to a rather interesting letter. The event was set-up as a 2.5 mile Fun Run through the area of Kings Mills. The purpose – to raise money for two Guernsey boys who need financial support for life-changing and life-saving medical treatment.

Only 4 weeks passed from the letter being printed in the local paper to the event taking place. We managed to harness the support of the community with the use of a school’s facilities, police support, insurance, marshalls, volunteers and branded t-shirts.

The Fun Run had over 400 people sign-up. The weather was not kind to us, torrential rain and high winds, but that didn’t dampen the community spirit.  We had an amazing 325-350 people turn out for the Fun Run and the event raised over £4,500 for the two boys.

Below we see all the runners being put through a pre-run warm up.




Night-Time Marathon (2014)

Philip and Warren had the pleasure of meeting an amazing human being on the 7th Marathon of their 7 Marathons in 7 days Challenge. Robert Young, aka Marathon Man UK  ran the 2014 Guernsey Marathon as part of his 365+ Marathons in 365 days world record attempt. Philip and Warren were inspired by his story, how he has overcome such an awful start to life and turned it round for good and is now changing so many lives through running.

They wanted to support Robert in anyway they could, with Robert running most of his marathons in the early hours of the morning the idea was to run a marathon at night-time in Guernsey and raise money for This Is EPIC and Robert’s chosen charities, Dreams Come True and NSPCC.

The runners set-off at 2am from St Peter Port, Guernsey, on a chilly December night in 2014. Philip and Warren had people join them for the full 26.2 miles, people join at half-way and with 10km or 5km to go.  In total, 32 people joined the Night-Time Marathon, it was a fantastic event with a great atmosphere, with just under £1000 was raised from the event.


7 Marathons In 7 Days (2014)

In August 2014 Philip Smith and Warren Mauger took on a challenge of running 7 Marathons in 7 Days. The purpose behind the challenge was simple;

  1. To raise £20,000 for This Is EPIC and The Hub
  2. To raise the awareness for both charities
  3. To change as many lives as possible

Philip and Warren’s running pedigree did not have people overflowing with confidence, Philip had never run a marathon before and Warren had only one under his belt, and it was a very good one.


Philip and Warren had not prepared themselves for the amazing support from the Guernsey community. They had toots, cheers, high-fives and people handing money to them as they churned out the 183.4 miles across the 7 days. Through the incredible support the guys received they were able to exceed the target of £20,000, with the final fundraising figure totalling over £21,000.


EPIC Talks

“We were delighted that EPIC Challenges were able to speak at the IoD Management Shadowing Awards. Philip and Warren are such a professional double act and their inspirational story was told with an honesty and humour that challenged us all to reach beyond our limits.”



Philip Smith and Warren Mauger have developed a broad range of speaking engagements over the past couple of years, from schools, businesses, sports organisations, to a TEDx Talk in 2015.

They draw on experiences of organising and taking on life changing challenges, which have included 7 Marathons in 7 Days and spending 48 hours on a treadmill, to inspire individuals, teams and organisations to be the best they can be. With their upcoming  2017 challenge of 7 Ironman’s in 7 Days their stories are only set to get even more interesting and inspiring.

The lessons learnt are easily applied to organisations, teams or other personal challenges. Delivering a talk called “7 Steps to Epicness” Philip and Warren share their experiences and personal stories, which brings the subject to life for the audience.


Philip Smith is an experienced Management Consultant with diverse experience across multiple industries including Financial, Retail, Technology and Healthcare. In 2011 Philip set-up Guernsey based Management Consultancy business CBO Projects.

Philip has led project teams across organisations such as Proctor & Gamble, L’Oreal, Specsavers, BAE and Fujitsu. Philip’s experience includes Mergers and Acquisitions, Infrastructure Projects and Programmes, Target Operating Model and implementing Project Management Offices.

With over 15 years’ experience of delivering project and change within organisations, Philip draws on this experience to compliment the lessons learnt from the life changing challenges.

Philip is also the Co-founder of Guernsey based Charity, This Is EPIC. A charity that implements savings and loans groups in Africa, which enables people to rise from poverty in a sustainable way. The charity, since being launched in 2013, has impacted over 15,000 people in a positive way.

Warren Mauger is a Chartered Marketer and Managing Director of Spike Communications.

Warren set up film and marketing communications business Spike in 2004 and has worked with clients large and small around the world, across a number of industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Medical, Art, Finance, Legal and Renewable energy.

Warren uses his skills to work with organisations to help them understand their vision, strategy, communication objectives and how best to execute them. Working with Senior Executives he helps organisations review their business models and change them to deliver their goals.

Warren draws on his experience from other roles within the community, such as, Director Guernsey Football Association, Former Chairman Startup Guernsey, Former Director The Partnership Advertising Agency, and Specialist Advisor for the charity This Is EPIC, to build on the lessons learnt from life changing challenges.


Lunch and Learn 

  • An inspiring and motivating 1.5hr presentation and Q&A session to your team or staff.

  • Presentation on “7 Steps to Epicness”

  • Q&A session with staff

  • Key messages can be tailored to fit organisations requirements

Half-day Team Workshop 

  • Building on the “7 Steps to Epicness” a tailored workshop

  • A goal orientated workshop to develop clear objectives for your team

  • Works to empower your team to be the best they can be

Full-Day Team Workshop 

  • Targeted at helping teams and organisations manage change

  • The workshop looks at:

    • Purpose

    • Commitment

    • Creating a High-performance Team

    • Learning and adapting

    • Leadership

  • During 2015 we ran a weeklong series of events for our staff around the theme of well being. This included a talk by Philip and Warren on the topic of motivation, discussing the purpose and drive that led them to complete the EPIC challenges of 7 marathons in 7 days and 48 hours on a treadmill.  They also discussed how physical exercise can be an important tool for maintaining a healthy and busy lifestyle.  Our staff found the talk to be hugely inspiring and we would thoroughly recommend people listen to their incredible story.

    Jo Huxtable, Partner, Deloitte LLP
  • Thank you so much to Warren and Philip for coming into the Guernsey Financial Services Commission last week to talk to us. I have received so much positive feedback from the staff who attended. The lessons you learnt from completing numerous gruelling challenges inspired runners and non-runners alike with so much being applicable to all areas of life, in particular we were all interested in how we might be more efficient and effective with our time. We left the talk feeling inspired and entertained and a few members of staff have even subsequently committed to taking up their own challenges. We look forward to hearing about what you have planned next and hope you will come back in to tell us all about it.

    Guernsey Financial Services Commission
  • A big, belated THANK YOU for an inspirational session earlier in the week. Set us up for some work we went on to do really nicely. More people need to see your presentation it was really uplifting. And you have definitely had an impact – we have already had one gym sign up – with poster announcement to the whole office!

    Guernsey Training Agency
  • We were delighted that EPIC Challenges were able to speak at the IoD Management Shadowing Awards. Philip and Warren are such a professional double act and their inspirational story was told with an honesty and humour that challenged us all to reach beyond our limits.

    Jo Watts of IoD Guernsey

Speaking engagements have included:


 Guernsey Sports Commission High Performance Conference

Le Mare De Carteret School – GCSE Awards Evening

Department of Education Talk to GCSE Students


Tedx St Peter Port

 Deloitte Guernsey

Beechwood School

 BDO Guernsey

 Guernsey College of Further Education


 Guernsey Financial Services Commission

 Apax Partners

 Guernsey Training Agency

 Aztec Group

 Institute of Directors Shadow Management Awards


 OSA Recruitment


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