About EPIC Challenges

Using challenges, events and talks to help change as many lives as possible.


We’ve been taking on endurance challenges since 2014 and have raised over £80,000 for charity to date.


We organise and deliver a range of short, medium and endurance distance events in Guernsey, ranging from Fun Runs to 12-hour Endurance Races.


We draw on our experiences of organising and taking on life changing challenges to inspire individuals, teams and organisations to be the best they can be.


The Why

For us, the why is simple, but the journey to discover the why has not been simple.

First of all, it is not about running, swimming or cycling. It is about us using challenges as a vehicle to help change as many lives as possible.

We have realised that when you combine purpose and challenge yourself to be the best you, the outcome is often a positive change in your life and positive change in the lives of others.

We have core objectives at EPIC Challenges, everything we do must:

Inspire individuals

Engage and inspire the community

Engage with Education and young people

Raise awareness of charities

Raise money for charities


The Impact

At the heart of what we do remains our core purpose to help improve other people’s lives. Since 2014 we have raised over £80,000 for charity.

Since starting out on our journey in 2014 we have always aimed to have a positive impact in everything we do. Our challenges and events have helped people in Guernsey and across Africa.

We have also seen the intangible benefits of our work where people have started to push themselves in their own ways as a result of involvement in our events or children who believe they can achieve their own dreams because they met someone who inspired them at our events.

Below are the charities that we have supported to date through our challenges and events.

This Is EPIC
Male Uprising Guernsey
Jonah Gillingham & Anthony McMahon
The Hub

EPIC7 Training Statistics

EPIC7 Training Statistics for Philip and Warren - Refreshed Weekly


Miles Swam


Miles Cycled


Miles Run



Take on your own 7in7 EPIC Challenge

We are calling on you to take on a swimming, cycling, running or walking challenge which takes you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to go further than ever before. The challenges will be self-managed and we have provided a selection of options in terms of distances as part of the registration process. We are asking people to sign-up for their own 7-day EPIC Challenge to raise as much money for charity as possible.

Sign-up as an individual or a team for this unique community event and challenge yourself to do something you have not done before, raise money for two amazing charities and inspire others to be active and take on new challenges.

We have provided a selection of swimming, cycling, running and triathlon distances to select as your 7-day EPIC Challenge. If a distance is not listed then please email hello@thisisepic.gg to request a distance to be added to the challenge options.

On sign-up you will be given the option of buying branded merchandise for your epic challenge.

Once registered, you will be automatically set-up with an online fundraising page which we encourage you to share with as many people as possible. We are aiming to raise £20,000 through The FCG EPIC Week. Please make sure you share your sponsorship details with as many people as possible.

The distance options we current have online are:

7 x 1000m in 7 days
7 x 1500m in 7 days
7 x 2000m in 7 days
7 x 2500m in 7 days
7 x 3000m in 7 days
7 x 3800m (Ironman Distance) in 7 days
7 laps of Guernsey in 7 days
7 x 30 miles in 7 days
7 x 40 miles in 7 days
7 x 50 miles in 7 days
7 x 100 miles in 7 days
Running / Walking
7 x 1 mile walk in 7 days
7 x 3.75 mile walk inn 7 days (26.2 miles in total)
7km in 7 days
7 x 1 mile in 7 days
7 x 5km in 7 days
7 x 5 miles in 7 days
7 x 10km in 7 days
7 x 10 miles in 7 days
7 x Half Marathons in 7 Days
7 x Dogbreakers in 7 Days (Full Cliffs)
7 x Marathons (26.2 miles) in 7 days
7 x Ultras in 7 days (30 miles+)
7 Sprint Distance Triathlons in 7 Days (750m swim | 20km bike | 5km run)
7 Olympic Distance Triathlon in 7 days (1500m swim | 40km bike | 10km run)


The event is raising money for two great Guernsey based charities, This Is EPIC and Guernsey Mind. All money raised will be going directly to the following projects:

This Is EPIC

This Is EPIC will use the money raised to implement a new project in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 10 new savings and loans groups will be started which will impact more than 2000 people as well as a positive impact on the wider communities. 

The DRC has been chosen as there is a big problem with integrating women who have been the victims of sexual assault and this project will work with them to empower them to become financially independent and support their families and provide services for the community. Without this they would be ostracised by the community and left to fend for themselves, which would be almost impossible.

Guernsey Mind

Guernsey Mind will use the funds raised to invest into a community project to provide support services for the mental health of adults with Autism and Asperger’s. Guernsey Mind will increase the hours of a person working for the charity already and train them specifically to provide support in this area.

They will also work with Autism Guernsey to make sure they provide the best possible service. Often people with these conditions get treated for either the communication difficulty or the mental health condition. However, there is a complex dynamic between the two, and the more support a person receives for their mental health the less they will need to access specialist services. The funds raised will enable Guernsey Mind to run the service for an initial 2 years as part of their Community in Mind project. 




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